Bell 214 B-1


Wisk Air Helicopters owns and operates the only Heavy Lift Helicopter in all of Northern Ontario.

The Bell 214 B-1 (Big Lifter) is the largest, most powerful single engine helicopter manufactured and operated in the world. The 214 B1 is a heavy lift machine, that can take up to 6,500 pounds on its cargo hook. With seating for up to 15 fully equipped passengers or crew. The Bell 214 B1 machines can operate at maximum payload up to 14,000 feet density altitude.

Its principle applications are in general and power line construction, fibre line contruction, forestry (logging), firefighting, and precision heavy lift operations. 

Wisk Air's Bell 214 B-1 comes equiped with:

  • A/C Satellite Tracking
  • Moving Map GPS and Tablet
  • Sat Phones
  • 110V Power and USB Chargers
  • External Cargo Baskets
  • Long-Range Tanks
  • Dual Comm Systems
  • Long Line Door
  • Standard Field Refuel Kit
  • Sling Gear
  • Bambi Max 6578 – Multi Drop Bucket capable of dropping 650 Imp gals
  • Backup Bambi Bucket 4455
  • Concrete buckets -x2 1.5sq. m3
  • 24 x 24 cargo nets
  • X6 500 Gal sling able fuel bladders


Max Internal Gross (12500 lbs, 5670 kg)

Empty, Std Aircraft (8000 lbs, 3628 kg)

Useful Load (6500 lbs, 2948 kg)

Max External Load (6500 lbs, 2948 kg)

Gross with Ext Load (16000 lbs, 7257 kg)

Range (185 nm, 345 km)


Not applicable.