Bell 407


The Bell 407 integrates reliability, speed, performance, and maneuverability with a cabin configuration for an array of missions and payloads. Its engine is the Rolls-Royce 250-C47B turbine with computer-controlled FADEC engine controller. The aircraft delivers exceptional hot and high performance with the ability to cruise at 140 knots/160 mph/ 259 km/hr.

The Bell 407’s cabin seats up to 6 passengers in wide-open, club-passenger seating and can be reconfigured to accommodate any number of tasks and payloads. The Bell 407 also provides a very quiet and smooth ride in virtually all weather conditions. The aircraft also includes:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Cargo Basket
  • Satellite phone
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Range Extenders

Additional Specialty Equipment Includes:

  • Multi-Structure Needle
  • Stretcher Kit
  • Sling Equipment
  • Bambi Buckets


Max Gross (5250 lbs, 2381 kg)

Empty, Std Aircraft (2598 lbs, 1178 kg)

Useful Load (2652 lbs, 1203 kg)

Useful, with Full Fuel (1795 lbs, 814 kg)

External Load (2650 lbs, 1200 kg)

Gross with Ext Load (6000 lbs, 2722 kg)

Range (328 nm, 608 km)


Not applicable.