Mark Wiskemann, President & Ops Manager

Kevin Robins, Person Responsible for Maintenance

Doug Carlson, Safety Officer

Chris Redfern, Purchasing Manager & Dangerous Goods Coordinator

Anne McEachran, Manager of Administration & Accounts


Wisk Air Helicopters has 35 years' experience in a variety of fields, from firefighting and helicopter powerline support, to helicopter mining jobs and medivac operations. Our pilots and helicopters have worked extensively in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, BC and all Provinces across Canada.

Wisk Air Helicopters also holds NAFTA, USA Specialty Operations privileges, allowing us to work in the United States under the NAFTA privileges.

Our head office is located in Northwestern Ontario and we have several bases across the country, including:

  • Thunder Bay, ON (HEAD OFFICE)
  • Airdrie/Springbank, AB
  • Oliver, BC
  • Brandon, MB
  • Red Lake, ON
  • Goose Bay, NF

First Nation Partnerships and Agreements

Other Partners