Full Service Facility including:

-9 aircraft
-two full-service hangars 
-storage facility
-utility vehicles
-specialty mining and fire fighting equipment

Fire Suppressant Equipment

Bambi Firesock

The Firesock, when attached to the bottom of a Bambi Bucket, makes the bucket a more effective tool by providing dramatically improved coverage and suppression capabilities.

Sacksafoam I

The Sacksafoam I injection system transfers and dispenses aerial firefighting foam and is specially designed to be utilized with the standard Bambi Bucket.

PowerFill Snorkel

PowerFill technology allows users to fill their aerial firefighting buckets in shallow water sources where dry summer conditions limit dip site possibilities. Only 18 inches (46 cm) of water is required to pull water from the bottom up. Conventional dipping methods may also still be used when the PowerFill is installed.

Long line and short line

Wisk-Air helicopters come equipped with long lines in varying lengths.

Bambi Max

Our Bambi max bucket has a 350-gallon capacity. The 412BLR can fly 1.5 hrs with the Bambi Max at full capacity.

Heli Torch

Wisk Air offers its own heli torch aerial ignition services ideal for slash pile burning at remote sites and prescribed Burns. It offers maximum coverage and our crews are fully cross certified in torch and suppression.


We are one of the few operators in the region with floats that are available for our Bell 206 Long Rangers. 

Powerline and Mining Equipment

  • Heli Claw
  • Cement bucket
  • External basket
  • Full complement of sling gear for all possible sling scenarios
  • Long Lines ranging in lengths up to 200 feet