Firefighting and Wildfire Suppression

All of our firefighting helicopters come fully equipped with bambi buckets, long lines, cargo baskets, sling gear, and specialized fire suppression equipment. Our pilots have been fighting fires for over three decades and are trained to the Standards required by each Province, as well as Medivac ready.

Wisk Air's crews and aircraft are approved to fight fires in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon and Minnesota.

Wisk Air operates on a Canada-wide license under 702 and 703 privileges, and is licensed to work in the United States fighting fire under the provisions granted through Ops. Spec. #56.

Wisk Air purchased two Bell 412C(BLRs) for the main purpose of firefighting. They have been customized to fit the needs of Canadian firefighting agencies. With that in mind, Wisk Air consulted various provincial wildfire agencies, then specifically rebuilt and redesigned the aircraft to meet their standards.

With speeds reaching 140 knots max airspeed (259 kilometers an hour) and a typical cruising speed of 122 knots, the 412s are 25% faster than the Bell 212s and 205s. They are the future tool of aerial emergency response. The speed of our helicopters allow the crews to arrive sooner on site, and allows them a larger radius to work within.